Client Testimonials

Here's a small sample of what others are saying via text messages and email...

"I can't believe that it cost me less money to quit smoking with you, than the money I was spending each month to smoke!"

Arlene D - Calgary NW

"Thank you for demystifying and explaining the entire process so clearly to me. You made the experience so wonderful!

Bernarado C- Cal. NW

"Thank you for sharing so much on NLP and the eminent importance in my everyday life these tools have given me..."

Latoya J - Calgary SW

"I tried everything, every aid, including will power to quit without success. I wish I had tried Hypnotherapy first and not last. Thank you Eliot, for helping me quit smoking so easily!"

Veronica S - Calgary SE

"You have helped me live my life again and I'm so grateful for all that you have done to help me on my journey"

Samantha C- Calgary

"I simply want to say thank you for making my experience so totally relaxing!"

Naomi G - Calgary NW

"I"m liberated and free from my past relationship once and for all - I don't even think about it anymore"

Tiffany - Nanton AB

"My anxiety is gone and it has been two weeks already. I know it was always in me that I could get over it!"

Pardeep S - Calgary NE

"At first I was a bit sceptical but I'm so glad I did this! I am booked to Hawaii and looking forward to flying (over water) again"

George K- Airdrie

"..and my fear of spiders is gone - I can't believe it and I just returned from the long weekend camping and had so much fun!"

Jagdeep S - Calgary SE

"I felt so comfortable with you and recommend you to everyone now - You are Canada's Tony Robbins!

Michael W - Med. Hat

"Smoke free and it's been heaven these last 3 months. Everyone is noticing a difference and so am I! I'm so Happy!"

Sheldon B - Calgary SW

"I am enjoying a smoke free life now Eliot. Thank you so much for everything you did!

Sam G- Calgary NW

"...and I just spoke to 35 people at the conference with confidence. I'm elated!"

Louis Z - Calgary NW

"I had not thought that I could quit my half pack habit so quickly - thank you!"

Geoff G - Calgary NE

"The last three nights are the best nights of sleep that I have had in 10 years"

Serena L- Calgary SE

"I just held a snake at the reptile show! Nobody believed I could do it including myself, but I did it - YESSSS!"

Robert K- Red Deer

"I am so relieved now - I can't believe how much baggage I have held on to from my past and it's all gone! Thank You Eliot!"

Antonio A - Calgary

"My self confidence is through the roof now thanks to the "new way" of thinking - Thanks Coach"

Laura C- Calgary SE

"The weight keeps falling off and my cravings to snack before bedtime simply are not there"

Susan L- Calgary SW

Please Remember:

As with any Therapy, actual results may vary based on individual results. This is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please do not stop, alter or modify any medications without consulting your prescribing doctor or medical professional first.


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