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Here are the many ways that

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you unlock a healthier and happier you.

Stop Smoking

(Online Sessions Available)

Are you fed up with smoking? Are you trying to quit using will power, the patch or other aid but find that you still can't quit? Serene Hypnosis helps Calgarians stop smoking. Using advanced hypnosis techniques, it is possible to eliminate the desire to smoke by first determining the underlying reason to smoke, connecting the activators which create the desire to smoke and finally changing the mindset towards smoking permanently. Getting rid of a terrible habit, couldn't be healthier or easier. If you truly want to quit, be healthy and regain control, then Serene Hypnosis can certainly help you now!

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

(Online Sessions Available)

It's no secret that everyday life can present many challenges and unbearable stress. Anxiety, fear and stress can be triggered by relationships, health, work, school, people, economy, traffic and so much more. It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. While we certainly can not change everything, we can certainly change how it affects us . Using advanced hypnosis, the root stimulus is identified quickly and easily settled down in a calm and relaxing manner. Yes, you can begin to live life without worry because it is possible!

Achieve Peak Focus (Sports)

(Online Sessions Available)

Ask any successful athlete about the significant impact that training plays in competitive sports. Training however, includes training the body and training the mind. Without paying attention to the mind, you definately can limit yourself from acheiving your personal best. In Calgary, Serene Hypnosis will help you dramatically improve your athletic skills and your mental game. With advanced hypnosis techniques, you can achieve your best immediately. It's time to get rid of negative thoughts which sabotage and limit what you are capable of doing!

Self Esteem, Confidence, Drive (Online Sessions Available)

Every human being has an ultimate goal even if it is maintained in the subconscious mind. There are three factors essential to positive progress toward one’s ultimate goal: self-esteem, confidence and motivation. During the course of a lifetime, most everyone experiences setbacks involving one or more of these elements. Resolving problems in these areas is one of the most important and valuable capabilities of hypnosis.

Fear & Phobia Elimination

(Online sessions available)

When a fear or worry causes alteration of a normal lifestyle, creating intense and irrational behaviors, it merits our attention. The usual apprehensions include fears of flying, high places, water, animals, darkness, closed spaces, pain, loss of control and many more. Fears present in adulthood may have originated in early, impressionable years. Hypnosis can access and deal with any self sabotaging thoughts in an extremely relaxed way to achieve a sense of stability, balance and well-being.


(Online Sessions Available)

Do you lie awake for hours waiting for sleep while your mind churns over the details of your day? Do you fall asleep promptly, only to awaken in the middle of the night unable to fall back to sleep as your problems magnify in the night? Sleeplessness responds beautifully to hypnotism and there are many different techniques that can be employed. Establishing the cause of sleeplessness, changing sleep habits, learning self-hypnosis and visualization are just a few of the ways to recover the pleasure of a good night’s sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a powerful modality that has been used for centuries and is highly effective in helping people reset, heal and move beyond the challenges of their lives. It works by taking individuals into deep states of relaxation so they can uncover and access the subconscious mind, enabling them to make transformational changes in their behavior, habits and thought patterns.

What are the benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy has a variety of benefits and can be used to help individuals manage problems ranging from insomnia, anxiety and depression to phobias. It even helps people quit smoking or cope with chronic pain - making it an effective tool for creating lasting positive change in one's


How do I find a qualified Hypnotherapist?

With so many options out there, it can be hard to know who is a great fit for your needs. Consider researching local practitioners and look into their qualifications and associations such as ARCH (Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists) that they belong to before making an appointment! Most practitioners offer a free consultation by phone. That's a great time to ask

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As with any Therapy, actual results may vary based on individual results. This is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please do not stop, alter or modify any medications without consulting your prescribing doctor or medical professional first.


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