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Quitting Smoking - The Real Story Behind the Struggle | Serene Hypnotherapy Health and Wellness 

September 13, 20233 min read

“The best time to quit smoking was the day you started, but the second best time is today.” - Mark Twain

Quit Smoking - The Real Story Behind the Struggle Blog Introduction


Smoking is a habit that has gripped humanity for generations. From the first puff of smoke to the nicotine hit, it's a practice that can feel deeply ingrained into our lives. But with yearly stats showing cigarettes responsible for the death of almost 8 million people, the time has come to take action and find a way to quit once and for all. One such way is through clinical hypnotherapy, which can provide a natural, safe, and quick way to quit smoking. But one thing is clear, if you're going to quit smoking, it should be for you first, not to save a marriage or for the kids.

8 Reasons

An Emotion-Packed Journey

The struggle to quit smoking can be an emotion-packed journey. The road is paved with triggers, withdrawals, and bouts of anxiety that can leave the person feeling like they are fighting a losing battle. Often people have tried willpower to prescription aids and all but given up concluding that they will be a smoker for the rest of their lives. But one of the keys to quitting smoking successfully is by realizing that while many people are trying to quit, their motivations and triggers are very unique to them. Just because one modality didn’t work doesn’t mean give up and accept that you will smoke for the rest of your life.

The Grim reality of Smoking

It's vital to remember the grim reality of smoking. The nicotine in cigarettes creates the empty feeling you crave and can make it very hard to quit. The tar that enters the lungs is one of the most dangerous aspects of smoking cigarettes, as it can cause heart and lung disease. If you were looking to create the perfect formula for a hear attack, then the answer is simple. Overwork the heart and starve it of oxygen. Quitting smoking gives the body the chance to start healing, get energized and reduce your risk of long term health issues.

Quitting Smoking is easy

Quitting smoking is easier than most think. It’s absolutely not an impossible task. Clinical hypnotherapy can offer a solution to quitting smoking that's quick, safe, and extremely effective. It works by tapping into the unconscious mind (Where habits live) and helps to remove the underlying thoughts that make the person crave a cigarette. This process is safe, natural, the process is relaxing and the outcome has no harmful side effects. What could be better?

Withdrawal Symptoms:

One of the biggest struggles that smokers face when quitting is the withdrawal symptoms. These can last from as little as a few days to many weeks. The symptoms can vary, and include everything from irritability to headaches and excessive tiredness. Clinical Hypnotherapy however is a great way to help manage this period of time as it can help to ease the symptoms and reduce the impact it has on daily life. Through eliminating these trigger points, you can help to minimize the chances of facing these symptoms.


Quitting smoking may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but with the right support, it's doesn’t have to be. As a matter of fact, quitting smoking is the single most beneficial gift you can give yourself. Clinical hypnotherapy is a highly effective way to quit smoking that has been proven to be permanent, natural, fast and safe often with minimal cravings. By using hypnotherapy to change the thought patterns associated with smoking, you immediately change your perspective and relationship with tobacco which allows smokers to give themselves the best chance of success. No prescriptions, vape, nicotine aids or gum. Remember that quitting smoking should be for YOU first, to increase your chances of achieving a healthier and happier future. Therefore, if you are excited about letting the habit disappear forever then the journey becomes one of celebration and the reward you receive in return, well simply put…..PRICELESS

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Eliot Hoppe

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