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Unleash Your Imagination with 'What If?' Questions | Eliot Hoppe

June 25, 20233 min read

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” - Albert Einstein


Have you ever wonder what life would be like if you had made a different decision in the past?  Or what the future holds if you take a certain path? These are the 'what if?' questions that often  pop in our minds but only receive silent answers. However, what if I tell you that asking these  'what if?' questions can help you unlock your full potential and assist you in achieving your  goals? John Grinder and Richard Bandler, founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),  have developed techniques to help individuals enhance creativity and problem-solving skills by  harnessing the power of 'what if?' queries. In this blog, we'll explore the magic of 'what if?'  questions and learn how to use them in our everyday lives.

8 Reasons

Kickstart Your Imagination

Asking 'what if?' questions can help stimulate your imagination and creative thinking. Imagine  you're a writer trying to come up with a new storyline, but you're facing writer's block. Instead of  being stuck, you can ask yourself 'what if the protagonist didn't want to be the hero?', or 'what if  the villain had a good intention?'. These types of questions will trigger your brain to come up  with alternative storylines that you might not have considered before. By allowing yourself to  explore different possibilities, you're creating space for imaginative ideas to surface.

Problem Solving Made Easy

'What if?' questions can also assist us in finding solutions to tough problems by challenging our  current mindset. For example, if you're struggling to meet a deadline at work, instead of  panicking and continuing with the same approach that hasn't worked for you, you can ask  yourself 'what if I delegate some of the tasks?', or 'what if I break down the project into smaller  parts?'. By questioning our limitations and exploring different possibilities, we can find  unconventional solutions that we might not have imagined before.

Broaden Your Perspective

'What if?' questions can also help us step into someone else's shoes and see the world from a  different perspective. For instance, let's say you're having a disagreement with a colleague.  Instead of defending your viewpoint, you can ask yourself 'what if I were in their position?' or  'what if their actions had good intentions?'. These types of questions can help you understand  the other person's perception and allow you to find common ground.

Build Resourcefulness

Asking 'what if?' questions can also help us build resilience in uncertain situations. Instead of  worrying about what catastrophic outcome may happen next, we can ask ourselves 'what if it  does work out?'. Someone might say "This isn't going to work!" and you can answer by asking  "But what if it does?" By exploring an alternate scenario in our mind, we automatically will create  a positive visual thought which aims our focus back towards our desired target state. This type  of "reframe" thinking can help us stay calm and composed even in times of adversity and  quickly change our mindset from a venting state to a resourceful state.

Start Small

If you're not used to asking 'what if?' questions, it might feel awkward at first. However, like any  skill, it can be developed over time with practice. Start by asking yourself 'what if?' questions in  your everyday life, whether it's about your routine, your habits, or your mindset. As you get  comfortable with this type of thinking, you can challenge yourself to explore more significant  questions such as 'what if I change my career?' or 'what if I take a year off to travel?'.  Remember, the key is to allow yourself to explore different possibilities without judgment.


Asking 'what if?' Questions can be a powerful tool in enhancing creativity and problem-solving  skills. By stimulating our imagination and challenging our current mindset, we can unlock our full  potential and find unconventional solutions to tough problems. It may take some practice, but  the benefits far outweigh the effort. So next time you're faced with a difficult decision or trying to  come up with a new idea, ask yourself 'what if?'. Who knows, you might just be surprised at  what action you might take next.

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