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Prioritizing Employee Wellbeing: The Importance of Holistic Options in Corporate Mental Health - Eliot Hoppe

January 31, 20243 min read

"Supporting employee wellbeing should be a priority for every employer. It creates an environment where individuals can thrive and organizations can prosper."~ Raithel


For far too long, conversations about mental health in offices and boardrooms across the world

have been relegated to a whisper. Conventional wisdom held that mental health concerns were

better dealt with in private, and attempts to bring them into the open were stigmatized and

shamed. However, there is a growing understanding and acceptance that employees' mental

wellbeing should be a priority. Human Resources departments in particular have taken a leading

role in changing the conversation around corporate mental health, recognizing that wellness

affects everything from employee satisfaction to productivity. And increasingly, they are turning

to holistic options to provide more engaging solutions, including guided mindful meditation lunch

and learns, to help quickly reset and overcome stress and anxiety.

At the heart of HR's shift is the belief that a holistic approach is key to supporting employee

wellbeing. Rather than viewing emotional, physical, and mental health separately, holistic

approaches recognize that they are deeply interconnected. By seeking to improve the whole

person rather than just addressing surface issues, it is possible to create more long-lasting and

impactful outcomes. That is why more and more companies are now looking to bring in wellness

experts like clinical hypnotherapists, who can provide services such as guided meditation, yoga,

and mindfulness training to improve employees' overall health and wellness.

One of the most popular methods for achieving this is through guided meditations. These

meditation sessions can be great for employees who are feeling overwhelmed or stressed and

need to quickly reset themselves and refocus. By taking just a few minutes to close their eyes

and focus on their breath, employees can reap a range of benefits, from increased self-

awareness to greater emotional stability and enhanced cognitive function. Furthermore, as

guided meditations are often led by a professional and trained expert, it can be a great way for

employees to learn techniques for mindfulness that they can apply at home.

Another major benefit of mindful meditation is that it can help with anxiety disorders.

Approximately 40 million adults in the United States are affected by it at one point or another,

making it the most common mental health issue in the country. By incorporating meditation into

their daily routine, employees may be able to ease the symptoms of their anxiety. Members of

HR teams also note that, in addition to the benefits for those who have a diagnosed anxiety

disorder, encouraging all employees to take part can help them proactively manage any stress

levels before they escalate into more serious disorders.

By embracing a more holistic approach, companies can help their staff achieve a greater sense

of balance and well-being. This recognition has led many companies to organize lunch and

learn sessions. These sessions can be hosted along with a catered lunch to create a more

enjoyable experience. They often focus on topics such as healthy food choices and stress

reduction through meditation. This could have major benefits for companies as research has

shown that employees appreciate opportunities for professional development and continued

education. By incorporating expert-led sessions into the lunch break, companies can help staff

improve their wellbeing and productivity in a way that feels natural and enjoyable.


Paying attention to corporate mental health concerns are vital for companies in 2024. It is up to

the HR teams to lead the way, breaking down barriers, and prioritizing employee well-being.

Mindful meditation, yoga and overcoming limiting beliefs during a lunch and learn are some of

the activities that can be implemented to create a more positive workplace. By adopting more

holistic options, HR teams can create a culture of openness and proactivity that benefits all

employees. Not only is this highly effective but the experience is extremely relaxing. Therefore,

it’s important to further explore and invest in these wellness programs to help maintain healthy

and productive staff.

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Eliot Hoppe

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