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Serene Way

Stop Smoking

In Class & Online

December 11th

Discover the root causes behind smoking and break free from the habit in just one week.

Join us beginning with our in class session on November 13 followed by 3 followup sessions delivered online on November 15, 17 and 20.

Join us for four relaxing sessions that utilize the soothing impact of clinical hypnotherapy along with the combined power of NLP.

You'll be in good company with others who share the same goal of quitting smoking for good.

Quitting smoking is definitely a time for celebration and that time is now to experience a life-changing approach that has already helped countless individuals around the world, become smoke-free for life.

Quitting smoking shouldn't be difficult, hard or overwhelming.

The Serene Way To Stop Smoking system is designed to make the experience of quitting smoking stress free and peaceful without any prescription drugs, nicotine replacement aids or any other replacement therapy.

Discover the root cause of your smoking habit and in within one week, feel liberated and free. Often, many are smoke free after just the first session.

Join a supportive community and experience the soothing power of hypnotherapy.

Say goodbye to cigarettes forever with this proven, highly effective and calm approach to becoming free from tobacco for life.

Join us and register today and begin to feel healthy again.

Serenity Within

Learn To Meditate

Live Calgary

December 13th

Experience the ultimate relaxation with the Serenity Within program!

This self hypnosis and meditation program is your ticket to achieving a mindful and peaceful state of mind.

These proven techniques will help you unlock your inner calm, letting you embrace your true self and disconnect from the noise of daily life.

Our program is tailored to provide an immersive experience, guiding you through a journey towards tranquility.

Learn all about your powerful subconscious mind and release the stress and anxiety that have built up within you, ushering in renewed peace and positivity.

Read more....

NLP Essentials

Personal Power Weekend

2 Day Live Event

January 13th

Discover the three secrets to becoming a master communicator, unlocking your potential to effortlessly connect with anyone, anytime.

Have you ever wondered what sets apart those who can close any sale with ease or managers that can lead teams effortlessly?

Communication, influence and persuasion are learned skills.

Join us for a 3 hour online clinic as we delve into the depths of conscious and subconscious communication and the three secrets to unlocking influence without taking on negativity.

You will learn how to instantly take someone from a venting mode to a resourceful mode.

If you have ever been told "You're such a good listener" and feel like you take on other people's problems and negative energy then this is for you.

Learn the proven techniques that have propelled influential figures like Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey to success in the way they ask extremely powerful questions.

Discover how to influence, persuade, communicate, and present with unwavering confidence (and even enjoy it!)

Sign up now for this extraordinary virtual training experience! It will be fun, fast paced and "Enter-training".

Please Remember:

As with any Therapy, actual results may vary based on individual results. This is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please do not stop, alter or modify any medications without consulting your prescribing doctor or medical professional first.


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